Ukrainian Catholic University

Ukrainian Catholic University Students and Faculty

The only Catholic university on the territory of the former Soviet Union, the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) trains lay leaders, nuns, and priests to serve church and society, in post-Soviet Ukraine and beyond. Mission statement.

It is an institution of the Eastern rite Ukrainian Catholic Church. Read more here!

LTA BuildingThough established as a university in 2002, UCU’s history actually dates back at least to 1928. More here.

Now the university offers bachelor’s degrees in theology, history, and social pedagogy, and graduate degrees in various subjects with some 1000 full- and part-time students.

Important areas like pro-life work, ecumenism, and catechism are the focus of UCU’s institutes.

  • Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute
    Hundreds of catechists who serve at parishes and also teachers of Christian ethics who work in government-run schools are trained here.
  • Emmaus Center
    Developmentally delayed youth and their families have an opportunity to take part in the life of the Church and society.
  • Institute of Church History
    This institute researches the underground history of the Ukrainian Catholic Church under Communism, and other eras as well.
  • Institute of Ecumenical Studies
    A country with many denominations, Ukraine is fertile soil for ecumenical activities.
  • Institute of Marriage and Family Life
    This institute engages in scholarly activities, defends human life from conception to natural death, teaches natural family planning, and more.
  • Lviv Business School
    An ethical approach is joined with the best practices at the LvBS.

The UCU Press is honored consistently for the quality of its publications.

Meet the UCU staff>>>

Theology Department

More information is available on the university’s website

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