‘Witness of Love’ is Strength of Families, Says UCU President

Thursday, September 20, 2018

On September 12 the Institute of Marriage and Family Life of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a discussion “The Family: Today’s Particularities.” Among the speakers were: Bishop Borys Gudziak, President of UCU; Fr. Bohdan Prach, Rector of UCU; Yuriy Pidlsinyi, founder of the institute; and Olesya Kuka, the institute’s current director.

Bishop Gudziak drew analogies from the history of Christianity and the role of the family today: “The Christian movement was in the minority. It swam against the current. Historians often make the conclusion that one of the factors of the so-called ‘success of Christianity’ was the witness of love. They had no weapons. They simply shared their love. This witness gradually attracted more supporters. I don’t think that we have today a stronger means than this witness. And I sincerely hope that families will have courage and assurance that their daily lives, the disciplines of a good marriage and family will ‘preach’ and convince.”

Pidlisnyi recalled the founding of the institute and its first efforts: the publication “Documents of the Catholic Church on Marriage and Family,” educational courses and seminars, visits to schools, training in natural family planning, and the student pro-life group.


Challenges to the family continue, Pidlisnyi noted. But the witness of Christian families should be like an internal “crusade,” and he considers this a cause for optimism: “There should be people who can be like salt. Let us be the salt of this earth!”

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