France Celebrates Ukrainian Days (VIDEO, Photos)

Monday, May 21, 2018
On May 19-20, Ukrainians from throughout the world gathered in Senlis, France, to celebrate Anne of Kyiv Days. (Anne of Kyiv was the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kyiv. She married Henry I, King of France, on May 19, 1051.) Then on May 21 groups from the USA and Ukraine went on a three-day pilgrimage to Lourdes. The UCEF Facebook page will post more information.
Click on links BELOW for videos and photos from the celebration.
VIDEO- Celebrating Anne Days in Senlis, France

The video is essentially in the Ukrainian language, but there are songs (including the French and Ukrainian national anthems!) and lots of nice visuals. Take a look!
Проповідь Владики Бориса (Ukrainian-language speech of Bishop Borys Gudziak)
Photos from Senlis available>
Save the Date on your calendar for next year’s celebration ;)
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