Michigan Neurologist Speaks at UCU about Combat and Mental Health

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dr. Boris Leheta of Michigan recently spoke at the Institute of Mental Health of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Dr. Leheta is president of the American Ukrainian Medical Foundation, which has sponsored the translation, publication, and free distribution of the book “Combat and Operational Behavioral Health” in the Ukrainian language.

According to Dr. Leheta, this book will be of use to psychologists, psychiatrists, and families concerned about the mental health of those close to them. It has information about the qualified observation of soldiers during the time they are transferring from military service to civilian life, their full recovery after post-traumatic stress syndrome, reintegration into society, and the ethics and role of military psychologists and priests in crisis situations in time of peace.

“I first met Dr. Leheta 10 years ago and didn’t think we’d met again and talk about overcoming the psychological consequences of the war in Ukraine,” said Fr. Ihor Boyko, Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary. “This book is particularly useful both for psychologists and for clergy. Because the military has special trust in priests and can tell them things they don’t reveal to others. The majority of our seminarians are involved in medical chaplaincy: they visit hospitals and military bases and talk with the young men and respond to fairly difficult questions about suffering loss and forgiving the enemy. So we also will use this book.”



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