UCU Rector, Students Remember Forgotten Cemetery

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fr. Bohdan Prach, rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), recently signed a memorandum regarding cooperation to take care of a forgotten cemetery and bell-tower in the Smilytsya section of the village of Terlo and to conduct a memorial service to mark the 65th anniversary of the forced re-location of Ukrainians from this territory.

Communist Poland and the Soviet Union exchanged some territory after the Second World War, and this affected the fate of those Ukrainians who were living in the village of Smilytsya, who were re-located to the village of Ostriv, Sokal district, Lviv Region. On October 15, a memorial service was conducted at the old cemetery, and the residents of Ostriv traveled to Smilytsya to pray for the souls of their deceased ancestors. Bishop Hryhoriy Komar consecrated a memorial cross that now stands near the bell-tower. The church of Smilytsya was taken apart and used as building materials for a cultural center in a nearby village.

Fr. Prach, a specialist in the history of Ukrainians in the territory of present-day Poland, himself was one of the inspirers of the effort, and students of the university have joined in to help take care of the cemetery.

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