UCU Business Student Visits Product Development Technologies in Lake Zurich, IL

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Amalia Iusufova, a student of the Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), visited Product Development Technologies (PDT) in Lake Zurich, Illinois, on October 24. PDT delivers exceptional product design and engineering solutions for clients around the world. Iusufova presented her creative grid/ frame furniture and lighting products to CEO Mark Schwartz and three of his industrial designers.

Iusufova and three other students of the Lviv Business School are in the US gaining experience through visits with various businesses, and the University of Chicago Business School, as well. She was joined at the meeting by: Mykhailo Dumanskyi, Executive Director of the Сenter for Entrepreneurship of UCU’s business school; Joseph Solimini, COO of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (UCEF); and key UCEF staff.

Schwartz and his company have been involved with Ukraine for some 20 years. PDT employs 40 people in Lviv: electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software engineers, “creating a unique competitive advantage,” as Schwartz puts it. PDT has been a proud sponsor of UCEF events.

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