New Scholarships Established for UCU Computer Science Program

Monday, October 9, 2017

The IT company N-iX and its CEO and co-founder, Andrew Pavliv, are providing academic scholarships for students who in 2016 entered the Computer Science Program of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), CS@UCU.

Pavliv, who now for the second time has established scholarships for students at the program CS@UCU, says that today export companies in the IT field in Ukraine are going through a transformation from providing services in writing computer programs to services in research, innovation, and the transformation of businesses. So IT education demands new qualities, in which the ability to recognize the needs of clients at the junction of technology and industry and to propose innovative solutions with the help of technology becomes key.

“We should not only provide students with knowledge in the IT field but also the know-how and skills necessary in the market. We need to create an environment in which people will grow and can independently create new products and services. So the company N-iX supports the Computer Science Program of the Ukrainian Catholic University as it creates a new standard of education,” comments Andrew Pavliv.

In the previous academic year Andrew Pavliv also created a scholarship, named after his grandfather, Yarema Pavliv, who was an engineer who headed a subdivision of the Soviet Construction Bureau which worked on projects to develop load-lifting devices connected with the Soviet space program and the program to fly to the moon.

Last year the company SoftServe, the Lviv IT Cluster, Yaroslav Charkovskyi and Zoriana Balko also became benefactors of UCU’s Computer Science Program, CS@UCU.

The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) is a not-for-profit institution of higher education which receives no financial support from the government. In order to function, develop, and carry out its plans the university must depend on the support of friends from all over the world. In order to secure the stable development of education, the university has founded funds to finance student scholarships. Thanks to these funds UCU has the opportunity to invite speakers from all over the world, to organize educational events and student groups, and to conduct research and international conferences.

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