UCU Celebration Week: Videos, Photos, Articles

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

BELOW are links to various materials posted on the UCEF website regarding UCU Celebration Week at the Ukrainian Catholic University>



Watch the opening of the Sheptytsky Center

VIDEO: Watch Opening of Sheptytsky Center

UCU President Bishop Borys thanks donors

VIDEO: Bishop Borys Thanks Donors from Sheptytsky Center

Noted international business consultant Adrian Slywotzky talks about “his best investment”

VIDEO: ‘My Best Investment Has Been UCU’- Business Consultant Adrian Slywotzky








US Journalist, Part 1, Part 2


UCU Celebration Week, Talks, Pilgrimage – US Journalist Recounts (2)


‘6 Things I Didn’t Know about UCU’- Adrian Slywotzky



Major Donor Temerty Given ‘Key’ to Sheptytsky Center

Canadian Donor Given ‘Key’ to UCU Sheptytsky Center


US, Canadian Donors Tour UCU

US, Canadian Donors Tour UCU


UCU’s 2017 Freshmen- Infographic

UCU’s 2017 Freshmen – See Infographic

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