6 Things ‘I Didn’t Know about UCU’- Business Consultant Adrian Slywotzky

Monday, September 18, 2017

Speaking at the Lviv Ratusha (Town Hall) on September 12, noted international business consultant Adrian Slywtozky noted six impressive facts he didn’t previously know about UCU (Ukrainian Catholic University).

“… the UCU School of Journalism, formed just a few years ago, is now #1 in Ukraine.”

“…41% of the entering undergraduate class scored in the top 5% of the National Testing Exam.”

“…40% of the students in the master’s program come from outside of Halychyna [far western Ukraine, UCU’s ‘hometown’].”

“…there are more than 100 academic partners of UCU, including not just great Catholic universities like Notre Dame or Fordham, but non-Catholic universities like Wharton and others as well.”

“…a team from the Master’s Program in Data Science went to Canada to take part in a global competition, The Queen’s Initiative Challenge. They finished third in an incredibly competitive field. They won a $6,000 third prize, which was good. But what was 10 times more important is they developed a set of ideas in programming that helped in the real world, Bank of Montreal, improve their revenues by 3% in one of their most important product lines.”

“…UCU itself last year was voted one of the 10 best brands in Ukraine.”

Other highlights of his speech:

“It took me years to figure out the equation which is UCU. UCU equals mastery of my discipline if I’m a student here, times deeply ethical behavior, times the spirit of service: I want to contribute.”

“…100% of the Computer Science entering class is in the top 1% in the country.”

The VIDEO of Mr. Slywotzky’s speech:

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