Detailed Schedule for Celebration Week Now Available!

Friday, July 28, 2017

BELOW is a detailed schedule of the events of Celebration Week, Sept. 2017*

*Generally the events will be conducted in the Ukrainian language. But special events in English are noted. And UCU staff/volunteers will be available to translate at other events as requested.



18:00 Celebratory banquet with the participation of UGCC Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk and Bishop Borys Gudziak, and benefactors and friends of UCU from the whole world at the Palats Mystetsv [Palace of Arts]  (Lviv, vul. Kopernyka 17). (TICKETS REQUIRED)



09:30 Blessing of the wall honoring the major benefactors of UCU’s Comprehensive Campaign (2010-2016).

10:00 Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the University Church of the Wisdom of God, led by Bishop Borys Gudziak.

12:00 Blessing of commemorative markers at the University Church of the Holy Wisdom of God.

12:15 Order of consecration and opening of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center with the participation of the main benefactor, James Temerty.

13:00 Opening of an exhibit dedicated to Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.

14:00 Buffet (by invitation).

13:30 Meeting with graduates

  • Greeting by Bishop Borys
  • Speech by UCU’s Rector
  • Inspirational talk by leading business consultant Adrian Slywotzky, ENG, with UKR translation
  • Children’s program with the participation of animators

14:30 Buffet in the lower level of the Church

19:00 Celebratory Concert at the Lviv Opera Theater

(Lviv, Prospekt Svobody 28) (TICKETS REQUIRED)



10:00 – 12:00

Public lecture of M. Marynovcyh – “Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky and the Principle of ‘Added Value’” (Conference hall, hall)

Sociodramatic performance “Holodomor – Break the silence!” (Auditorium, 3rd floor)

13:00 – 15:00

“The Social Mission of Andrey Sheptytsky: How Business Can Serve People.” A public discussion.

Yurii Lopatynskyi, founder of a social bakery; Yuriy Fyliuk, co-founder of the Warm City project (Ivano-Frankivsk), +1, moderator Yevhen Hlibovytskyi  (Conference hall, hall)


“Leadership in the Field of Public Administration,” speaker: Iryna Podoliak, national deputy, first assistant to the head of the Committee on Questions of Culture and Spirituality of Ukraine’s Parliament, moderator: Andriy Rozhdestvenskyi (Auditorium, 2nd floor)


Group of personal experience “Bibliodrama: Living through History, Becoming Closer to History” (target audience: general, length: 2 hours, Department of Clinical Psychology) (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


Open lecture of the Department of Biblical Studies of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy,”The Biblical Idea of Wisdom in Sheptytsky’s Life” (target audience: general) (Auditorium, 4th floor)


15:00 – 17:00

«The History of Lviv in Place Names». Public lecture. Commentary by two speakers. (Conference hall, hall)


Lecture: “The Liturgical Byzantinization of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (8th to 13th Centuries).” Prof. Daniel Galadza, University of Vienna, Austria (Conference hall, lower level)


“Filming 360°/VR: Myths and Challenges for Media Workers in the Work of Virtual Reality,” Speaker: Alexey Furman, photojournalist and executive producer of New Cave Media. Mariya Tytarenko will present the guest. (Auditorium, 2nd floor)


“Myths about Mental Illness and Health” (target audience: general, length: 2 hours, Department of Clinical Psychology) (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


An open presentation by Stephen Russo, Global Director of Security and Privacy Technology, IBM.(presentation space, 4th floor) ENG


17:00 – 19:00

«The Ars рoetica of Bohdan-Ihor Antonych: 80 Years after the Day of His Death». Presentation of new archeographical findings. (Conference hall, hall)


Talk TBA, Eugene Roman, Senior Vice-President of Information Technology and CTO, Canadian Tire Corporation. Yaroslav Prytula will present the guest. (Conference hall, lower level)


“A Country of Responsible Citizens.” Presentation of an open online course and discussion. Institute of Leadership and Management. Speaker – Sofia Sydorenko, moderator Natalka Balaban (Auditorium, 2nd floor)


Public lecture of Viktoria Horbunova “Why Do Children Need Adults? Why Do Adults Need Childhood?” (target audience: general, Department of Clinical Psychology) (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


(17:30) “Philanthropy: From Family Business to Social Responsibility” (presentation space, 4th floor)




10:00 – 12:00

“Innovations in Education. EdTech.” With the involvement of partners. (Conference hall, hall)


13:00 – 15:00

“Religion and Ukrainian Society: Three Years after the Maidan” (working title). A round table with presentation of the results of sociological research (reporting: Dmytro Myronovych, Natalia Zaitseva-Chipak, Danylo Sudyn). (Auditorium, 2nd floor)


“You Will Feed My People” and “Breviary of 24 Hours” – Presentation of new theological publications of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy (target audience: general) (presentation space, 4th floor)


15:00 – 17:00

Presentation of the joint Ukrainian-Polish-German publication “Civilians in Contemporary Armed Conflicts: Rafal Lemkin’s Heritage.” Ivan Horodyskyi, Vitaliy Hutnyk, Ivan Zeman, Volodymyr Lysyk, Prof. Markian Malskyi (Conference hall, hall)


Session of the orators’ club YODA (Auditorium, 2nd floor)


“Leadership of the Future: How to Stay Competetive in an Era of Digitalization?” (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


Lecture of Mariya Tytarenko – assistant professor of UCU’s Mediacommunications Department.
Theme “Сommunication: Out of the Box” – cases of paradoxical communication. (Auditorium, 4th floor)


«The Code of Religious Culture of Early Modern Ukraine». Presentation of academic achievements and publications of the scholarly research program Kyivan Christianity. (presentation space, 4th floor)


17:00 – 19:00

Showing of the calling card “Lviv Videoquest” (V. Babenko, O. Oshchudliak) (Conference hall, hall)


“Data Analysis, Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – Possibilities for Ukraine and the Whole World.” ThinkShop Institute of Leadership and Management. Speaker – Valeriy Pekar, moderator – Natalia Bordun (Conference hall, lower level)


Open panel discussion “Ethics and Religion, Do They Still Have Room on the Public Square?” Discussers: Prof. Rocco Buttiglione and Prof. Czeslaw Porebski (presentation space, 4th floor) ENG




9:00 – 10:00

TEDex UCU “The Future Begins Today.” 11 relevant themes and speakers “headliners” (Conference hall, lower level)


13:00 – 15:00

UCU’s Journalism School: Viewing the Documentary Cycle “Decommunization.UA” (V. Babenko, V. Kipiani) (Conference hall, hall)


TEDex UCU “The Future Begins Today.” 11 relevant themes and speakers “headliners” (Conference hall, lower level)


15:00 – 17:00

TEDex UCU “The Future Begins Today.” 11 relevant themes and speakers “headliners” (Conference hall, lower level)


“The Particularities of Work with the Family: Ukrainian and German Experience.” Public lecture (target group: general, length: 2 hours, speakers: Prof. Maria Shved, Myroslava Duzha-Zadorozhna, UCU’s Department of General and Social Pedagogy) (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


17:00 – 19:00

“Creativity as a Guarantee of Health: Modern Dramaturgy on the Creativity of Metropolitan Sheptytsky.” O. Mykolaichuk – journalist, dramatist, learned secretary of the L. Kurbas National Center of Theatrical Art. (Conference hall, hall)

TEDex UCU “The Future Begins Today.” 11 relevant themes and speakers “headliners.” (Conference hall, lower level)


“Special Children: What Do We Know about Them?” A panel discussion. Moderator: assistant professor Svitlana Kohut, speakers: Maria Shved, professor of UCU’s Department of General and Social Pedagogy, Olha Fert, assistant professor of the Department of Correctional Pedagogy and Inclusion of Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, Iryna Khmil, director of the Hope Specialized School in Lviv for deeper study of subjects with an ecological-legal profile, UCU’s Department of General and Social Pedagogy. (Auditorium, 3rd floor)


«CLAVIS as a ‘Key to Understanding’ Medieval Culture.” Presentation of the activities of the Department of Classical, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies on the occasion of its 10th anniversary (in the form of a briefing or round table). Speakers: A. Yasinovskyi (CLAVIS after 10 Years: In Place of an Introduction), U. Holovach and R. Paranko (Mining Texts as a Way of Life), O. Bandrovska and I. Papa (CLAVIS after CLAVIS: On History’s Cyclic Nature) (presentation space, 4th floor)




10:00 Celebrating the start of UCU’s academic year and the ceremony of awarding scholarships to UCU students


14:00 – 20:00 Pilgrimage to spiritual centers of Halychyna (Zhovkva, Krekhiv)

Buses will leave from Kozelnytska 2a (Collegium).


  • Excursion to the ancient city of Zhovkva
  • Lunch at the refectory of the Krekhiv monastery
  • Hike through ancient monastic caves and wonderworking water-springs


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