UCU Students Thank Scholarship Donors at Celebration

Friday, February 17, 2017


Thanks to the support of donors like you, 40% of the students of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) receive scholarships. UCU has a tradition of hosting an evening in which students have an opportunity to meet their sponsors and express their gratitude. This is held on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, celebrated on February 15 according to the Julian calendar. This feast marks the end of the Christmas season and caroling.


Speaking at the event, UCU President Bishop Borys Gudziak said that it is a great joy to see how active and responsible citizens are building Ukraine and supporting young people. “I want to thank all our benefactors and friends because they have already fulfilled half the task: the number of students at UCU has doubled. So I suggest the second half of the task: bring a partner to the university, a friend, one more benefactor.”


Fourth-year history student Myroslava Styslavska thanked her sponsor, Yurii Stasyna, “for his material support and because he motivates me to achieve new heights.”



This is now the second year that Uliana and Rostyslav Krok have supported a scholarship. The couple have three sons. Mr. Krok is a businessman and Mrs. Krok a psychologist who provides psychotherapy and also had the opportunity to study at UCU’s Institute of Mental Health.


“We support UCU,” said Mrs. Krok,” because of its correct approaches, the quality of education, professionalism, and the absence of corruption. It’s important that the university gives an opportunity for education to all children who have this desire and are striving to reach this goal.”


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