First Bohdan Solchanyk Scholar Awarded

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) has completed a competition among graduate students to receive the Bohdan Solchanyk Scholarship. Solchanyk was a hero of the Heavenly Hundred, killed by a sniper on Ukraine’s Independence Square on February 20, 2014,  and an UCU professor. (The photo BELOW shows the funeral for Bohdan Solchanyk.) Ivan Almes, in his second year of studies in UCU’s doctoral program in history, is the scholarship’s first laureate (photo at right).

According to the guidelines of the Bohdan Solchanyk, Hero of Ukraine, Scholarship (further “Guidelines”) the laureate will receive a stipend of 5000 hryvnias per month.

UCU Senior Vice-Rector Taras Dobko stated that the competition had four participants, graduate students who each had impressive credentials. The requirements for receiving the scholarship are academic achievement, participation in scholarly conferences, international experience, and civic activity. Preference is given to applicants who use an interdisciplinary approach in their dissertation research. “According to the Guidelines, the rector will award the scholarship by an order with the recommendation of the Learned Council of the University on the basis of the results of the student’s studies, scholarly research, and active civic participation. The Learned Council, which met on 28 September, unanimously confirmed the conclusions of the student competition,” explained Taras Dobko.


Ihor Skochylias, UCU’s Vice-Rector for Research and Ivan Almes’ academic supervisor, spoke of his high academic qualifications, his notable academic approach through the first year of his doctoral work, his dynamic participation in the academic life of the University (in particular the Humanities Faculty and the Department of Modern and Contemporary History) and educational and research institutions of Lviv, Ukraine, and abroad, and his public activity in the religious sphere. “Ivan Almes is the author of a number of scholarly publications in Ukrainian and Polish, written in an international key and using the newest methodological approaches and previously unknown sources. The student’s participation in a number of national and international scholarly conferences, his reports at two scholarly seminars ‘Kyivan Christianity and the Christian Universe,’ his successful presentation of his dissertation project, a month-long internship as part of the Museum of the History of Poland Scholarship, his active participation in administering the program ‘Kyivan Christianity,’ his exemplary fulfillment of the responsibilities of an assistant at the Dean’s Office of the Humanities Faculty and his involvement at a Sunday school in one of the Orthodox parishes of the Lviv Region gives us grounds to speak of the formation in Ukraine of yet another mature young researcher in the field of the history of the church and religious culture,” said Ihor Skochylias.

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