Club of Rome Member Speaks at Lviv Business School

Friday, December 9, 2011


Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, a member of the Club of Rome and long-time director of Switzerland’s International Management Institute, spoke to students of the Key Executive MBA program of the Lviv Business School (LvBS) of the Ukrainian Catholic University on December 8.

“There is a crisis in world management in that its single criterion for success is profit,” said Hawrylyshyn. “The human being, as such, has no value in the business. They treat the worker as a resource, not as a personality. And when a crisis situation arises, they toss this ‘resource’ into society’s garbage can, not thinking about what will happen to the human being next.”

An advisor to Ukraine’s first president and a number of other Ukrainian officials, Hawrylyshyn also commented on Ukrainian politics. “Unfortunately,” he said, “the government that came in after the Orange Revolution was not able to listen. They knew too little about democracy, the free market. They looked on the world with illusions. Our politicians’ values need to be political freedom, the welfare of the nation, social justice, symbiotic co-existence with nature, and not a glaring inequality between the rich and the poor.”

Still, he said he remains an optimist: “I believe in the goodness of human beings. If you believe in this, the element of goodness becomes stronger. And much that I have managed to do in the world happened only thanks to this belief.”
Summing up his meeting at the LvBS, Hawrylyshyn said: “I was glad to spend time at this school, to interact, to feel the constructive atmosphere. And above all I understood that this school is bearing good fruits for Ukraine. It is forming leaders of businesses who will be ethical, humane, and patriotic.”

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