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Whether in Canada, the U.S., Ukraine (or elsewhere!), thousands of people are committed to helping the mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University, with their financial support, volunteer efforts, and prayers. And YOU can be a part of this, as well! Click Volunteer if you’d like to become a volunteer and help us out with events. Or click Donate if you’d rather help financially.

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Jose Casanova

Professor, Georgetown University, Department of Sociology

It’s a very, very impressive enterprise, and I think it deserves support…


Kostiantyn Shumsky

Founder, Vasyl Shumskyi Scholarship

“Why the Ukrainian Catholic University? Because it’s one of the few institutions of higher education in Ukraine where there’s no corruption.”


Adrian J. Slywotzky

Partner at Oliver Wyman

The Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University on September 17, 2010, had the pleasure of hosting a master class led by noted US business consultant Adrian J. Slywotzky.


Yaroslav Rushchyshyn

Businessman, Lviv Regional Councilman

My dream was always to create a school that gives a sure level of quality. I think the Ukrainian Catholic University gives that sure level of quality not just in education, but also in student life.

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