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Whether in Canada, the U.S., Ukraine (or elsewhere!), thousands of people are committed to helping the mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University, with their financial support, volunteer efforts, and prayers. And YOU can be a part of this, as well! Click Volunteer if you’d like to become a volunteer and help us out with events. Or click Donate if you’d rather help financially.

pdf-iconComplete list of 2012 US donors

pdf-iconComplete list of 2012 Canadian donors

Rev. Michael Perry

Pastor Emeritus of Our Lady of Refuge Parish in Brooklyn, NY

“…an incredible example of a desire to build a new Ukraine…”


Morris Paley

Former teacher at UCU from Canada

I am so grateful having been associated with these students as many of them will be terrific leaders of Ukraine today and years to come.


Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak

Rear Admiral, USPHS Commissioned Corps,Former Acting U.S. Surgeon General

… the incredible talent of the young generation of Ukraine, who speak with passion, speak with truth…


George Jurkiw

Vice-President and General Manager of North American Controls, Retired

George Jurkiw, of Sterling Heights, Michigan, and his wife Zenovia have funded a lecture hall in UCU’s Academic Building and more recently contributed $100,000 in support of UCU’s program in Rehabilitation Medicine to provide healing and recovery to Ukraine’s wounded veterans and refugees.


Dr. George Liber

Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

I just returned from a trip to Europe and attended an international conference at UCU on June 26-28, 2016. I last visited UCU in 2006 and found it a fascinating institution of higher learning, easily the best in Ukraine.


Dr. Andrew Sorokowski

Independent scholar

“I find the atmosphere at the Ukrainian Catholic University quite healthy — a vibrant island of Catholicism in the sinking European sea.”


John Hewko

General Secretary & CEO, Rotary International

“I am a very strong supporter of [the Ukrainian Catholic] University for three main reasons. “First, it’s a university for all Ukrainians, with students and staff from throughout Ukraine and of various religious backgrounds. Second, it provides a high-quality education. …


Roman Ciapalo

Professor at Loras College

For the last two Summers, I have had the privilege of giving some lectures at UCU’s Philosophy Summer School, an excellent and well-organized school, with some outstanding students…

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